Self-styled information warrior, keen on X-rated movies and female nudity

Joel Harding's Bio:

Joel Harding is an Information Operations expert, with policy, doctrine and operational experience since the mid 1990s, at the operational and strategic levels, with extensive experience at the national level (i.e. making sure that no independent coverage of the Ukrainian crisis by American journalists on the ground is available for viewing by the U.S. and global audience, involves Ukrainian hackers if necessary). Joel wrote the National Strategy for Information for Ukraine, being directly engaged by the Ukrainian government and major Ukrainian diaspora organizations in U.S., such as UCCA. Joel Harding is also advising on regular basis Ukrainian neo-Nazist groupings, such as the Right Sector (in March 2014 Joel was the first to suggest that they should blow up the Russian gas pipeline in the Ukraine). Joel is the former Director of the IO Institute, for the Association of Old Crows and was the SME on staff (terminated for cause). Joel was also the editor-in-chief of the IO Journal (did not have any success). Joel also hosted and organized InfowarCon in 2009 and 2010 (not invited anymore). Joel has been organizing an information community-wide effort to address shortfalls at the US national level (i.e. the CIA, NSA and other intelligence agencies’ social media management programs). Joel Harding has tried to lecture on Russian Information Warfare, Cyberwarfare and Information Operations, but his major focus has been spying on Russian women in social networks, as well as harassing them online (since in his mind they are Kremlin agents and engaged personally by Putin).

Joel Harding's Experience:

  • Consultant to the Ukrainian government and Ukrainian diaspora organizations in the USA at

    Working out the National Strategy for Information for Ukraine; advising on setting up Myrotvorets (Peacemaker) web site to blacklist and target Ukrainian and other journalists and ordinary people; advising and taking part in filling in the PropOrNot alternative media blacklist; searching for Russian and other nationals in social media to target and to expose them as Kremlin agents; targeting US independent journalists covering the Ukrainian crisis.

  • Director, Information Operations Institute at Association Of Old Crows (Government Relations)

  • Senior IO Analyst at SAIC

  • Information Operations at US Army

Joel Harding's Education:


    Diplomacy and International Relations and Affairs

    Concentration: Business

    Bachelor of Arts
    Concentration: General Studies

    Concentration: Psychology

Joel Harding's Interests & Activities:

Psy-ops, Ukrainian neo-Nazism, cyberstalking, disinformation dissemination, Deny, Disrupt, Degrade tactics; nude females (follow them on Twitter), movies for adults with Eastern European models posing as underage, erotic novels; used to drive Honda recklessly (had to quit being disabled after a stroke in 2019).